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Mon, Apr 24, 23

CSP Featured Artist: Candykiki

    How did you become an artist?I think I got my first spark of creativity from my older sister - I remember that she was always drawing, making her own original characters and creating awesome stories, so I really wanted to do the same :) ...  

Mon, Mar 27, 23

CSP Featured Artist: Chuck Pavoni

    How did you become an artist?I've always had a love for drawing ever since I was a kid, and I knew from an early age that I wanted to pursue being an artist. It started out small with me just doodling in my school books and drawing in sketchbooks...  

Mon, Jan 30, 23

CSP Featured Artist: Stefan Kostic

    How did you become an artist?I loved drawing ever since I was a little. I used to draw whatever I felt drawn to and mostly that was cartoons, anime or video games. I drew a lot but never quite took it seriously. The first time I did take it seriously was around the high school, when I really got into animation...  

Wed, Jan 18, 23

CSP Featured Artist: Mari Miho

    How did you become an artist?Back in the day, I would open Pinterest and redraw some of the drawings that I liked. Later on, I wanted to have my own style and improve my anatomy technique...  

Mon, Dec 26, 22

CSP Featured Artist: Iffah Yusri

    How did you become an artist?From a young age, I have always been extremely fond of drawing. As I grew up, art was the only hobby that stuck with me and soon my life began to revolve around it. I started taking art seriously when I was about 15 years old when I could see that the effort that I had put into my skills was starting to show...  

Wed, Nov 23, 22

CSP Featured Artist: Emma Vieceli

    How did you become an artist?I love telling stories and I always have. I used to draw characters or write stories all the time as a child. They will have been awful, I'm sure, but I loved it! Oddly, despite reading comics from an early age...