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Mon, Jun 19, 23

CSP Featured Artist: Karla Ortega aka Kalisami

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How did you become an artist? I think everything started when my mom used to draw me princesses on napkins. It really amused me how she made them so beautiful and elegant, it seemed something magical coming out of nowhere, or from that pencil. Then I started trying as well even at an early age. When I finished drawing, my family admired my work...

Mon, May 15, 23

CSP Featured Artist: Rinihimme

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    How did you become an artist?I was in love with Japanese shoujo manga since I was very young and wanted to become a mangaka when I grew up. I wasn't allowed to draw often due to schoolwork, so I only doodled with pencil on binder paper and in the margins of my homework assignments...  

Mon, May 8, 23

CSP Featured Artist: Linh Terford

    How did you become an artist?I have been a creative person for as long as I can remember, but I didn’t consider being an artist professionally until I was 17. As a result, in 2015, I decided to get a gaming and animation degree...  

Tue, May 2, 23

CSP Featured Artist: Sozan Coskun

    How did you become an artist?As a child, I was deeply influenced by the Japanese anime that was shown on German television at the time. As I've always drawn a lot, I soon started to create my own characters in manga style...  

Mon, Apr 24, 23

CSP Featured Artist: Candykiki

    How did you become an artist?I think I got my first spark of creativity from my older sister - I remember that she was always drawing, making her own original characters and creating awesome stories, so I really wanted to do the same :) ...  

Mon, Mar 27, 23

CSP Featured Artist: Chuck Pavoni

    How did you become an artist?I've always had a love for drawing ever since I was a kid, and I knew from an early age that I wanted to pursue being an artist. It started out small with me just doodling in my school books and drawing in sketchbooks...