CSP Featured Artist: Noroiju

CSP Featured Artist: Noroiju

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How did you become an artist?

I was influenced by watching Kill la Kill a couple of years ago. I remember loving the fighting scenes since they looked exhilarating and the animation was fluid. Later on, I continued watching more of Studio Trigger's work and one day, I decided that I wanted to draw, and I was dead set on becoming an artist. Being able to visualize ideas, create anything and express it in such a way that inspires everyone is something I'd like to have as a life career.


Where do you get inspiration?

My biggest inspiration is Ilya Kuvshinov! I love how he's able to capture expressions in artworks like pictures, and how he paints landscapes and animates! I also get my inspiration from game art, mostly character and landscape concepts.


What’s your hardware setup?

I currently use a graphic tablet from XP-PEN and two monitors and when I want to draw on the go, I use an iPad!


What do you like best about Clip Studio Paint?

I love there's an abundance of tools that can help ease your art production! The default materials are already amazing, and I appreciate that other artist can create their tools and share them with the community!


How long does it take you to make a single illustration?

It depends on the artwork! Simple illustrations can take me a few hours, while more complex pieces can take me a couple of days.


How has Clip Studio Paint improved your workflow?

Once I've familiarized myself with the tools, it's been significantly easier to draw and complete artworks quicker.


Would you like to promote some recent project?

I'd like to highlight these last projects!

Where can we follow your work?

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