Reaslitic Paint Studio
The classical approach to digital painting

Realistic Paint Studio

Digital version

(For macOS and Windows)

Realistic Digital Painting Software - The classical approach to digital painting

Realistic Paint Studio is a unique digital art software. The program combines the simplicity of traditional tools and pioneering innovations in digital art. No special education is required to work in Realistic Paint Studio. The interface is designed to show a familiar art station with real paper, brushes, pencils, pens, and markers, etc. instead of a complicated and hard-to-understand graphic editor.

Windows / macOS 

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Requirements: MAC OS 10.7 and higher - Windows Vista/7/8/10/11

Realistic Color

Unique color engine!
Colors look like in real life

Realistic Brushes

52 amazing brushes developed to replicate traditional drawing and painting tools


3 Creative Styles



Realistic Showcases

Instantly add your artwork in a beautiful scene

57 unique scenes available

Realistic Canvases

4 easels with 8 naturalistic canvases for Oil painting

5 watercolor albums with 13 high-quality paper textures

6 sketchbooks with 24 high-quality paper textures

Realistic Palettes

Traditional approach to classical tools

Intuitive image editing tools

Live Demonstration

Instant demonstration of drawing methods for the selected tool
Unique demonstration for every brush

Realistic Drops

Add more expression to your image by live liquid drops!

Step by step tutorials

Easy step by step tutorials with auto-selection of brush, color, and size for the current task

VIP Content

Express yourself with an additional luxury brush pack