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Tue, Sep 28, 21

MANUEL LÓPEZ | 2021 QUIRINO AWARD Winner with animated short film made in Clip Studio Paint

    How long have you been in this profession?I’ve been working professionally as a 2D Animator since April of 2016 so over 5 years. Funny thing is I didn’t start DRAWING until 2014. Through most of my college education I always felt intimidated by the other students who had been drawing since they were kids, so I convinced myself that I did not need to learn how to draw...    

Fri, Aug 7, 20

LUCIANNYS CAMACHO · SVA GRADUATED STUDENT | Making an animated short film in Clip Studio Paint

      What made you choose Clip Studio Paint for your short film “Check YES!”?I was already comfortable using Clip Studio and it was the only program that would accommodate my commuter lifestyle as a college student. It was available for iPad with all the features from desktop...    

Mon, Oct 21, 19

FLUORFILMS | Frame by frame animation: Working professionally in Clip Studio Paint

Featured, Success Story
    Fluorfilms, a studio based in Santiago de Chile, was founded in 2006 by Carlos Munita, Rodrigo Sauré and Benjamín López. Over the years, the studio has worked with a variety of advertising agencies...

Tue, May 28, 19

Dave Gibbons: Using Clip Studio Paint To Create Comic Book Art

  Dave Gibbons - comic book creator in his own words.

Fri, Mar 1, 19

Versatile and Powerful: Using Clip Studio Paint To Create Concept Art

  Comic book artist Prentis Rollins discusses how he uses Clip Studio Paint to create concept art.

Wed, Nov 21, 18

Better and Faster: Using Clip Studio Paint To Create Concept Art

  Artist Tan Hui Tian discusses how she uses Clip Studio Paint at Collateral Damage Studios to create concept art.