CLIP STUDIO PAINT Digital Painting Course

Digital version

(For Clip Studio Paint PRO or EX)

The CLIP STUDIO PAINT Digital Painting Course (PRICE $49.99 - on SALE for $29.99 for a LIMITED TIME) is a professionally designed course with over 37 lessons and 5 hours of instruction time, created for anyone that wants to learn the fundamentals of digital painting within Clip Studio Paint.

This course was created by Tesslyn Bergin, a professional illustrator. Tesslyn is an east coast illustrator specializing in digital art. She has long-term experience using Photoshop, Clip Studio Paint, Maya, Illustrator, Indesign, and other software applications. She often designs 3D environments to enhance her work. Tesslyn graduated from the University of Hartford Summa Cum Laude with a Bachelor's in Illustration. She's currently running a successful business via Patreon and is a freelance artist. Her current projects are the webcomic "Facing the Sun", and "Untitled Monster Project" (currently in development), with her previous work being the OW comic "GHOST". 

Whether you're a digital artist, new artist, hobbyist artist or professional artist, there are lessons in this course for anyone that wants to learn more about digital painting and traditional painting. You will love the completeness and detail of this Clip Studio Paint course!


CSP Digital Painting Course OUTLINE (6 sections)

Digital Painting 100 - Overview

1. Course Overview

Digital Painting 101 - Introduction

1. Introduction to Course
2. Using the Asset Store and Backing up your Workspace

Digital Painting 102 - Line Art

1. Workspace Setup and Quick Access Menu
2. Don't Skip Line Art
3. Vector and Raster Layers
4. Auto Actions
5. Line Weight
6. Figure Tool
7. Picking a Line Art Pen
8. Vector Eraser
9. Making Asset Sheets
10. Fast Line Art Tools
11. Making a Pen or Brush
12. Edit Menu

Digital Painting 103 - Flatting

1. Thumbnailing Light Sources
2. Auto-Select Flatting
3. Fill Tools
4. Making a Custom Palette
5. Using Reference
6. Color Theory - Mixing
7. Color Theory - Relationships
8. Coloring Your Thumbnails
9. Operation Tools

Digital Painting 104 - Rendering

1. How to Think When Rendering
2. Oil and Watercolor Brushes
3. Painting Colored Glass
4. Auto-Color Rendering
5. Comic Shading - Shadows
6. Comic Shading - Highlights
7. Painting Over a Gradient
8. Quick Rim Lighting
9. Bringing it All Together

Digital Painting 105 - Finshing Touches

1. What is Cheating in Art
2. Copy Stamp Tool and Mesh Transformation
3. Level Correction and Liquify
4. Screentones and Custom Gradient Maps
5. Outro to Digital Painting Course

Digital Painting 106 - Materials and Files

1. Section 1 (101): Tesslyn's Recommendations for Assets
2. Section 3 (103): Using Reference with Explanations
3. Section 3 (103): Color Wheel with Movable Parts
4. Section 3 (103): Thumbnailing Light Sources Worksheet
5. Section 4 (104): Rendering Glass Final Results
6. Section 4 (104): Rendering with Oil and Watercolor Final Results
7. Section 5 (105): What is Cheating Checklist