Webinar recording - Writing Tips and Comic Creation in Clip Studio Paint with Jeyodin

Posted on: Fri, May 28, 21 - By Contact Graphixly

Watch this FREE 1-hour webinar with JeyOdin. In this 1-hour lecture, he will talk about how to come up with an idea through brainstorming, daydreaming and how to structure the story. Jey will also share the creation process of his comic Hammer as an example and his involvement in the graphic novel Lemonade Code. Following the presentation, there will be a Q&A session.



Watch the webinar recording HERE



About the presenter

JeyOdin is an American Manga/Comic book artist. He has a Graphic novel currently out with Oni Press called Lemonade Code, and his series Hammer is currently being serialized and published in the world's most diverse manga anthology! Jey lives with his lovely wife and 2 hilariously cute dogs. 



Twitter: jeyodin

Instagram: jeyodin



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