Webinar recording - Painting realistic portraits in Clip Studio Paint with Carina Klinkhammer

Posted on: Fri, Jul 30, 21 - By Contact Graphixly

Watch this FREE 1-hour webinar with Carina Klinkhammer. This webinar will provide an insight into how to color a portrait with Clip Studio Paint. Carina will demonstrate how to set up the workspace efficiently, which brushes can help you getting a vibrant and lifelike portrait and also to choose the right colors and lights, especially for painting skin. Following the presentation, there will be a Q&A session.



Watch the webinar recording HERE



About the presenter

Carina is a digital artist and illustrator with a special love for portraits, based in Germany. She has been painting since she was a little kid. Even though her background has always been traditional art, Carina recently started painting digitally and became a freelance illustrator. Beside portraits her favorite subjects are fantasy and landscapes, inspired by moody, dark scenery and emotional figures.


IG: @blacleria

Twitter: @blacleria

Artstation: @blacleria




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