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Webinar Recording - "Painterly landscape ideation and sketching in Clip Studio Paint" with Živko Kondić

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Watch this FREE 1-hour webinar with artist Živko Kondić. Živko will cover some important initial steps for creating colorful thumbnails & relaxed, painterly sketches, which can give you a great base for new and exciting illustrations, with a focus on looseness and "painterly" look. We will also talk about how to use CSP's brush engine, create your brushes, and adapt the software to your liking, so you can have more fun painting. Following the presentation, there will be a Q&A session.



Watch the webinar recording HERE




About the presenter

Živko Kondić (Zhillustrator) is a digital painter, based in Novi Sad, Serbia, with around 10 years of digital painting experience. He mostly focuses on personal art but has clients like Celsys and Games Workshop in his resume. Živko uses Photoshop alternatives like Clip Studio Paint and Artrage exclusively from 2017, he has become a proficient user and evangelist for both, and often uses them in tandem. People describe his work as a colorful combination of dreamlike impressionism and unimposing science fiction. Živko streams often on Twitch, where he shares experience, tips, or just has a chill time with his lovely viewers, painting alongside some nice music.

Website: www.zhillustrator.com

Instagram: instagram.com/zhillustrator

Twitch: twitch.tv/zhillustrator

Twitter: twitter.com/zhille