Webinar Recording - “Making comics for both Print and Webtoon in Clip Studio Paint” with Simon Lindenthaler

Posted on: Tue, Apr 28, 20 - By Contact Graphixly

Monday, April 27 at 11am PDT (California Time) for a FREE 1-hour webinar with Simon Lindenthaler (SimonWL). He will show you how to create comics in both print format and the mobile scrolling format (as seen on Webtoon). You will learn how to optimize your workflow to accommodate both formats. Along the way, you'll also pick up on general tips and tricks for making comics; and some methods specific to using Clip Studio Paint that will help further improve and speed up your comic making process.



Watch the webinar recording here



About the presenter



Simon Lindenthaler (SimonWL) is an Austrian-based graphic designer and art director by day, and a webtoon creator by night. His most prominent work is Weirdogs, a slice-of-life and occasional adventure comic, available on Tapas and Webtoon.



IG: @simonwl_art


Twitter: @simondrawsstuff





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