Webinar Recording – Illustrating daily references using Clip Studio Paint with Iffah Yusri

Posted on: Sat, Jan 21, 23 - By Contact Graphixly

Watch this webinar recording with artist Iffah Yusri aka Mumechi. During this webinar, you will learn how to create illustrations from real-life reference photos on Clip Studio Paint. Mumechi will also teach you exercises to improve your observation skills as well as methods and techniques to express your subject. Following the presentation, there will be a Q&A session.


Watch the webinar recording HERE



About the presenter

Iffah Yusri (Mumechi) is an 18 year old artist who is currently taking a gap year before university to explore her options in the art industry. She is known for her realistic digital food illustrations, but she also does anime art as well as traditional fine art. After upgrading to Clip Studio Paint in 2020, she noticed a significant increase in the quality of her illustrations.

Instagram: @mmumechii
twitter: @mmumechii
Tiktok: @mmumechii




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