Webinar Recording – Exploring Mark Making and Rendering Styles in Digital Art with Kiron Fan

Posted on: Fri, Oct 14, 22 - By Contact Graphixly

Watch this FREE 1-hour webinar with artist Kiron Fan. Kiron will share various ways of rendering in Clip Studio Paint, from cel shading, to painting, to cross hatching. He will discuss the impact mark-making has over the style and function of a work, and provide insight on how to experiment and play with various brushes. There are many ways to create digital art, and learning new processes is a great way to have fun and discover your own style through experimentation. Following the presentation, there will be a Q&A session.


Watch the webinar recording HERE



About the presenter

Kiron Fan is a freelance artist and art student who has studied art and design academically for over 5 years. Through his personal work, he has cycled through many styles of rendering, and is always looking for exciting new ways of making art. In his free time, he enjoys going for walks, petting cats, and practicing martial arts.

Instagram: @subakeye
Twitter: @subakeye
Artstation: kiron-arts



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