Webinar Recording - “Creating Watercolor style Illustrations in Clip Studio Paint” with Simone Ferriero

Posted on: Mon, May 18, 20 - By Contact Graphixly

Friday, May 15 at 11am PDT (California Time). Join us to watch this FREE 1-hour webinar with Simone Ferriero. He will show us how to create a clean pencil like lineart and an undertone. You will learn how to paint in order to give a watercolor effect and also how to apply some final effects. Following the live presentation, there will be a Q&A session.



Watch the webinar recording here



About the presenter

Simone Ferriero is an Italian freelancer. He started drawing as a kid and ever since he never stopped. After going to Art School, Simone worked in different fields like photography, graphic design, comics and illustration but soon he realized that he preferred focusing only on illustration and comics as freelancer. Simone started his social media channels and used them to reach new and old fans. This led him to many career opportunities and still allows him to work following his passion. Simone’s favorite art style is digital art, but from time to time he likes to also work with traditional medias. He is currently working on illustrations for his personal portfolio and on a comic for an original Webtoon series.


IG: @SimzArt

Twitter: @SimzArts

Twitch: @SimzArt



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