Webinar Recording - Assembling Robots in Clip Studio Paint - #MarchOfRobots2020 Edition

Webinar Recording - Assembling Robots in Clip Studio Paint - #MarchOfRobots2020 Edition

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Monday, March 2 at 1pm Pacific Time (California Time) Watch this FREE 1-hour webinar with DaCosta Bayley. DaCosta shared some of his most creative tips for illustrating robots and insights on his decision-making when tackling this type of artwork. He also talked about the drawing challenge #MarchOfRobots on its 3rd edition partnered with Graphixly, Clip Studio Paint and Wacom. Following the live presentation, there is be a Q&A session.



Watch the webinar recording here



About the Presenter


Working since 1995 under the studio name ‘CHOCOLATE SOOP®, DaCosta Bayley has produced designs across various media and collaborated with artists around the world, including work for major brands like Nintendo, Sony, Nick jr., Atomic Cartoons, Spin Master, Hasbro, Wacom and Google. DaCosta is also the founder of the poplar ‘MARCH of ROBOTS’ drawing challenge on Instagram, held during the month of March since 2014.


IG: @Chocolatesoop
Web: http://chocolatesoop.com




I love the way you think and draw robots! Thanks and this was very interesting.

Daniel King @ 2020-06-25 06:26:01 -0700