WEBINAR RECORDING - Finding your own style in Clip Studio Paint with Lucas Piaceski

WEBINAR RECORDING - Finding your own style in Clip Studio Paint with Lucas Piaceski

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Join us watching this webinar recording from Thursday, May 16 at 11am PDT (California Time) with the artist Lucas Piaceski. Every illustrator has a great desire to create a unique style. You spend hours contemplating the features and colors of works that you admire and insistently ask yourself: how did someone achieve this? Well, in this Webinar, Lucas will show how he created his style and how you can create yours, resulting in something fulfilling for the artists that can also attract clients. You will learn that style has to do with "creating yourself", but to do so, you first need to learn some specific techniques and philosophies. It's a simple process, but it's not easy. "I'm going to give great tips that helped me create my style and also how to evolve so your style doesn't become outdated”. Following the presentation, there will be a Q&A session.

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About the presenter

LP Lucas is an illustrator and animator who mixes digital painting with cartoony subtext and aesthetics of UPA and Hanna-Barbera cartoons. His use of muted colors and painterly light effects is heavily inspired by 60s animations. With the motto "an artist making fun of art", Lucas creates weekly videos with millions of views, teaching about art and his process. Some of his clients include Wacom, The piauí Herald, Graphixly, Clip Studio Paint, Don't Nod and Ohuhu. Lucas also co-created one of the top literature podcasts of Brazil called Leitura de Ouvido.

Instagram: @lplucas
Youtube: @lplucasarts
TikTok: @lplucasarts
Website: lplucas.com