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Hello there! Welcome back to the Clip Studio Guide.


I want to shift gears temporarily (before diving back into how Story Files work), and go over a topic that receives a fair number of questions: how does one install CLIP STUDIO PAINT? And, once installed, how can one either test out the demo version of the program, or register it once it has been purchased?


So, this entry into the Guide. And, it will cover all of the operation systems that can use the program: Windows, macOS, and iOS.



System Requirements



Before installing, it’s important to make sure that the computer or iOS device can run the program. Fortunately, CELSYS has provided that information For us. According to their website, these are the minimum system requirements needed to run CLIP STUDIO PAINT:




· Windows 7 and up

· Intel or AMD-based processor

· Minimum 2GB of RAM (8GB and up preferred)

· Minimum 3GB of storage space

· A drawing tablet or monitor that supports pressure sensitivity

· Minimum screen resolution: 1024x768 (1280x768 and higher preferred)




· macOS 10.10 and up

· Intel-based Mac hardware

· Minimum of 2GB of RAM (8GB and up preferred)

· Minimum 3GB of storage space

· A drawing tablet or monitor that supports pressure sensitivity

· Minimum screen resolution: 1024x768 (1280x768 and higher preferred)




· All iPad Pro Models

· iPad (5th generation and up)

· iPad Air (2nd generation and up)

· Apple Pencil or a bluetooth pen

· iOS 11 and up

· Minimum 6GB of storage space



NOTE: depending on the iPad model, it may not be possible to create canvases beyond a certain size. In addition, some larger-format canvases may run slower because of the 2GB of RAM that are on lower-end & older iPad models (iPad Pro 10.5, 11, and 12.9 inch models use 4-6GB of RAM, as of the time of this writing) 






Windows and macOS


To download the CLIP STUDIO Paint installation file, First visit


The page provides links to both Windows and macOS versions of the program. Technically, both the demo and registered copy links go to the same installation file, so feel free to use either link to download it. 








To download the iOS version, tap the App Store button on the iOS device. Once open, tap on the search bar, and enter Clip Studio Paint in the text field. Then, tap the Search button.


The first item that should appear in the search results is CLIP STUDIO PAINT for manga. Click on the GET button for the app to download it to the iOS device.





Installing and Opening CLIP STUDIO PAINT





Once downloaded, open the CLIP STUDIO paint installation package. If it is not visible in the browser’s downloads list, Open an Explorer window, and open the Downloads folder. Then, search for a package with naming similar to the file below, and double-click it. This will begin the installation process:





First, accept the Terms of the License Agreement, and click the Next button:





If the default installation location specified in the next window is acceptable, click the Next button. If not, click on the Change button, and select the preferred location on the computer. Then, click the Next button





Next, select the default language for the program from the drop down list, and click the Next button.





Finally, click the Install button to begin.






If all goes well, a window should appear, noting that the installation has completed.





Once installed, Click on the CLIP STUDIO Icon, located on the Desktop. This will open the CLIP STUDIO Launcher program.





The CLIP STUDIO launcher provides latest news and information on CLIP STUDIO programs, as well as links to get new assets (materials, brushes, 3d objects, etc), read & watch tutorials, ask questions, share your artwork, and more.


To open CLIP STUDIO PAINT, Click on the PAINT link, located on the top of CLIP STUDIO’s side menu.





NOTE: to skip the CLIP STUDIO launcher, click on the Windows key. Then, either search through the programs list to find the CLIP STUDIO PAINT shortcut, or (if supported) start typing “clip studio paint” (the shortcut should appear from a list of programs).





Once downloaded, open the CLIP STUDIO paint installation package. If it is not visible in the browser’s downloads list, Open a Finder window, and open the Downloads folder. Then, search for a package with naming similar to the file below, and double-click it. This will begin the installation process:






Read (and agree to) the Software License Agreement. Then, click on the Continue button:





Click on the Install to begin the installation process:





NOTE: An Administrator username & password may be necessary in order to install the program.





The installation should now begin:





When prompted, select the language to be used in the program, and click on the OK button.





If all goes well, the summary tab should note that the program was installed successfully!





If the installation package is no longer needed, it can now be moved to Trash.





To open the program, Open a Finder window, select the “Applications” folder (which should be located in the favorites sidebar), click on the CLIP STUDIO 1.5 folder and double-click on the “CLIP STUDIO” icon.





NOTE: To skip the CLIP STUDIO launcher, click on the CLIP STUDIO 1.5/App folder, and double-click CLIP STUDIO Paint. Or, press ⌘ + Space to launch Spotlight search, and enter CLIP STUDIO Paint in the search bar.






To open the program on iOS devices, tap on the CLIP STUDIO icon.








CLIP STUDIO PAINT provides a demo version for those that want to test out what the program can do, before making a purchase. Depending on the operation system, the program offers a variety of options to try it out. 



Windows & macOS


Windows and macOS users have two demo options, which can be selected once the license verification window appears:





Trial Version with Limitations



This version can be used without any time limit. Every time the program is launched, select the version to use when this window appears:





It is important to note that several key features will be disabled:


· Save and Save As, and Save Duplicate

· Export

· Batch Import

· Scan, Continuous Scan, and Select Scan Device

· Print, and Print Settings

· Cut, Copy, and Paste

· Registering Materials

· All Story File functions: (Add Page, Add Page (Detail), Import, Duplicate, Delete, Combine, Split, Page Settings, Work Settings, Batch Process

· File Object functions

· User-created filter plugins

· Animation files cannot be exported.


In short: this version is intended to give the user a chance to play around with the program as much as they want, knowing that anything created won’t be saved or exported.



Full Trial



Unlike the Limited Trial, all the features and functionality of CLIP STUDIO PAINT will be available to use. This means that the user can create as much as they want, without worrying about losing all of the work, once the program is closed.


However, after 30 days, the user will no longer be able to use the program. They will then have to purchase a license to unlock it.






Unlike the Windows and macOS versions, iOS users will be subscribing to their version of CLIP STUDIO PAINT on either a monthly or yearly basis. Before the subscription begins, users will be able to use the program in full for six months. Once the trial ends, the subscription will begin. The trial can be cancelled at any time before the six months is up to avoid paying subscription fees.


To begin the demo, select the subscription option (monthly or yearly) for the version of CLIP STUDIO PAINT that will be used. The subscription will not begin until the six month trial ends.





Purchasing & Registering CLIP STUDIO PAINT



Windows and macOS


To aquire a license, visit or to purchase a copy of CLIP STUDIO Paint PRO or CLIP STUDIO Paint EX. If a physical copy is desired, visit to purchase a DVD (as well as download a digital copy) of either version of the program.


Once purchased, an email should arrive containing the serial number for the program.


To register, first open CLIP STUDIO Paint. Once the license verification window appears, enter the serial number in the text boxes, and press the Register License button.





If the serial number was entered incorrectly, an error pop-up may appear.





If the serial number is valid, and confirmed via CELSYS’ online verification service, a window show appear noting that the registration was successful.







For iOS, the subscription will begin once the six-month trial is complete. To change the subscription, tap the CLIP STUDIO PAINT icon on the Main menu, and select Purchase app/Change grade or payment plan. Then, select the desired subscription option.








To cancel the subscription, first tap on the iTunes Store App, and scroll to the bottom of the page. Then, tap on the Apple ID button.





Tap on the View Apple ID link, and enter the Apple ID password when prompted.





When the account settings pop-up appears, scroll towards the bottom of the page, and tap on Subscriptions.





Then, find CLIP STUDIO PAINT for manga from the list of subscriptions, and tap on the link.





Finally, tap on Cancel Subscription, and confirm when prompted. Once confirmed, the subscription will not renew. The subscription will remain active until the end of the billing cycle.








And with that, we have covered all we need to know about installing and registering (or subscribing to) CLIP STUDIO PAINT. Now all that is left to do is begin drawing! Thanks for reading, and happy creating!



Doug Hills has been a commercial artist for close to 20 years, with work ranging from webcomics and comic books, to T-Shirt designs, storyboards, concept artwork, and more. He is the author of Manga Studio For Dummies (2008), and has created a series of YouTube tutorial videos on how to use the program.



Twitter: @dnhills


Instagram: @dnhills


Facebook: /dnhills


Youtube: /mangastudioguide




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