CSP Featured Artist: Sofia Marinakis

CSP Featured Artist: Sofia Marinakis

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How did you become an artist? 

Well ever since I was a little kid I've loved drawing a lot, and I guess I just never stopped :) I've been doodling on paper for as long as I can remember, but my digital art journey started at the age of 14 when I discovered an artist named Ross Draws, who inspired me immensely. And thanks to my parents' support of my art, I was able to become who I am today.



Where did I get my inspiration?

As I mentioned in the first question, Ross Draws inspired me the most. I learned almost everything from him and painted a lot of pieces resembling his. I then became very inspired by artists like Craig Mullins, WLOP, guweiz etc. and mixed their styles to eventually form what I call my own art style. After that, my anime phase started, and I became very inspired by League of Legends splash art, which led me to create highly detailed paintings of certain cool anime characters.


What’s your hardware setup?

For my hardware setup I use an HP laptop with very high specs, akin to a gaming laptop. I also use a Wacom Intuos Pro Medium tablet to draw on, and a DELL S2722QC monitor as my primary screen, along with a wireless Microsoft keyboard. I also have a laptop stand to raise my laptop to eye level so I don't get neck problems before I even hit 20, and an artist glove to make my drawing process smoother.



What do you like best about Clip Studio Paint?

My favorite thing about Clip Studio Paint is its animation feature, along with it's webcomic feature. CSP makes animating and creating webcomics the easiest process in the world, which is why it tops every other art program in those departments if you ask me.



How long does it take you to make a single illustration?

The time it takes me to finish a single illustration varies greatly. One illustration can last anywhere from 2 hours, up to 27 hours. I enjoy the long, highly detailed ones the best though ;)



How has Clip Studio Paint improved your workflow?

Clip Studio Paint makes it incredibly easy to find all of the controls and basically lays it all out before you. In my opinion it is a great program for beginners who are on a budget, but still want a taste of what a truly professional art program is like.



Would you like to promote some recent project?

This is a concept drawing of the main character in my upcoming Webtoon called "Worth Walkers". His name is Nathan Lìliàng, and he's an absolute sweetheart. Worth Walkers is a project I've been working on for over a year already, but it will probably take another year before it hits the Internet, which is why I unfortunately can't spill too much about it yet! I hope everyone anticipates it as much as I do!



Where can we follow your work?

You can follow my work @sofiamins_art on Instagram, TikTok, Twitter and YouTube! Also on Pinterest, but I'm a bit behind on posting there!:)




I love your art so much oml I’ve been a follower for quite a long time now and I’m literally so obsessed with your art I want to eat it fr

Jen @ 2023-08-25 08:15:27 -0700

Such a wonderful artist. So great that you stayed with the craft. Many of us stop too soon after the wonder has gone away.

Terry @ 2023-08-25 08:15:27 -0700