CSP Featured Artist: Ruby Caurlette

CSP Featured Artist: Ruby Caurlette

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How did you become an artist?

‏Unlike other artists , I hadn't used to draw since I was a child, even though I grew up in an artistic family my older sister was the one who drew and she used to be the only one so drawing for me was nothing I could do except in drawing classes at school.

‏Later, we moved to another country so I was able to start a fresh beginning, and when I was 12 years old in drawing classes the teachers used to watch my art and tell me that my art is greater than my peers and not just drawings done by people my age. I remember when I opened an Instagram account for the first time which helped me a lot to do art . I was able to meet many artists from all over the world and aspire to be like them in the future.

My major turning point was going to artist’s meetings and joining some local galleries, digital painting wasn't very common back then, when I got a graphic tablet for the first time, it was amazing. Thus, I found myself in digital painting more than traditional. I started practicing everyday and sharing my journey on IG.





Where do you get inspiration?

I've lived in the details. I like to ponder and delve into details. For me, the details in the faces were a whole story . When you see a face and can see things reflected in the eyes, and things cleared on the features and skin. I wanted to convey this. So all my work was faces. I don't care about ideas, I draw expressions. my inspiration is the human and his curves.





What’s your hardware setup?

I currently work on an iPad pro 2017. 12.9 inches. I draw outside a lot so it’s easy to me to carry and take anywhere since it’s light and practical to use.



What do you like best about Clip Studio Paint?

I used Clip Studio Paint over than 3 years. it’s actually a full app you don’t need to use any program beside it. Because of the various options for brushes and animation feature and 3d.





How long does it take you to make a single illustration?

Well it depends on how much details on the piece and my mood but usually it takes from 3 to 7 hours to finish.





Would you consider Clip Studio Paint an industry tool?

Yes absolutely! I believe that CSP is a paradigm shift especially for webtoons and manga artists.





Where can we follow your work?

You can find me on Instagram www.instagram.com/caurlette
and Twitter www.twitter.com/caurlette and Facebook www.facebook.com/caurlette or my website www.caurlette.com



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