CSP Featured Artist: Marialuisa Facci aka @maryluis_art

CSP Featured Artist: Marialuisa Facci aka @maryluis_art

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How did you become an artist?

Comics and art were a huge part of my life when I was young. My uncle was a painter, and my brothers were good at drawing. They also read a lot of manga and comics. So, when I was young, I read all the comics my brothers brought home (Ranma ½ was my first comic), and when I was old enough, I started to buy a lot of comics by myself. I really loved reading them! I loved how the characters moved in frames, their expressions, the dynamic poses, the stories. This is why I started drawing. At first, I only drew on paper (I have a lot of boxes full of old drawings), but then I started to scan them and color them with the mouse (my poor hand!) until I decided to buy a drawing tablet. It was the best purchase of my life.

My school experiences as an artist (diploma in Art School) and my degree in Graphic Design, helped me to create my art style, and to make comics and personal publications.





Where do you get inspiration?

Manga was a fundamental component of my style since I was young, but a decade ago I fell in love with graphic novels and French comics in general. After years of black and white drawings, I wanted to put colors in my works. Rumiko Takahashi was my first and favorite mangaka, I believe that her comics influenced my humorist style, her works are still so funny and crazy. Regarding the European comics, I adore Enrique Fernandez’s style and colors, he’s amazing, and I really love the Italian artist Jacovitti.





What’s your hardware setup?

I use a Wacom Cintiq 13 HD and Wacom Bamboo Fun on my iMac. The programs I use are Clip Studio Paint and Adobe Photoshop.



What do you like best about Clip Studio Paint?

I adore how Clip Studio Paint handles comic frames. It’s so easy to create frames, choose the thickness, and draw in it without going outside the line. It’s simply amazing! And I love the color palette too. And how the brushes work. It is totally different from Adobe Photoshop, Clip Studio Paint is really a software designed for artists.





How long does it take you to make a single illustration?

Well, it always depends on the subject, and how many details I’ve put in it but I think I can do it in 2/3 hours, if I have the right music on (I always draw with music in background).





Would you consider Clip Studio Paint an industry tool?

Definitely! It is THE industry tool for artists. Especially for comic artists, it is very simple to use and with all the materials available in the catalog, you can do everything! I love the fact that you can save in psd format too, it’s very useful if you also want to work with Adobe Photoshop.





Where can we follow your work?

You can find me at @maryluis_art on Instagram and @maryluis91 on Tumblr



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