CSP Featured Artist: Mari Miho

CSP Featured Artist: Mari Miho

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How did you become an artist?

Back in the day, I would open Pinterest and redraw some of the drawings that I liked. Later on, I wanted to have my own style and improve my anatomy technique. During a few months I started drawing on my phone, and then I was able to draw on my current setup. Gradually, I finally got to see some improvement during the 4 years that I've been illustrating.





Where do you get inspiration?


Usually seeing illustrations on social media and sometimes YouTube videos like speed paintings; tutorials and art tips (my current favorite ones are Saito Naoki and Sam does art channel), also watching anime and playing games (specially Genshin Impact) when making fanart.





What’s your hardware setup?


Windows 11 Desktop

GPU: GTX 1650 4GB
CPU: Ryzen 5 3600X 3.8GHz
Monitor: XP Pen Artist 22r Pro (21,5 inch Display)
Tablet: XPPen Artist 22r Pro (PenDisplay) + XPPen Deco 01 v2 (PenTablet)





What do you like best about Clip Studio Paint?


I like how easy I can get some nice brushes for free.





How long does it take you to make a single illustration?

It depends. On my personal drawings, I always prefer finishing them on the same day I started.





How has Clip Studio Paint improved your workflow?


With tools like Liquify, Layer effect and Correction layer I can do some corrections in an easier way, allowing me to work paster in my drawings.





Where can we follow your work?


I'm more active on Instagram and Twitter:


More links on: https://marimihoinfo.carrd.co


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