CSP Featured Artist: Luis Morocho

CSP Featured Artist: Luis Morocho

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How did you become an artist?


Well, I was born in Lima - Peru, a culture-rich country. When I was a kid, there weren’t much channels on TV but I'd sit in front of it and tried to copy the cartoons I saw; A drawing practice which allowed me to learn by memory.
When I grew a bit older, I discovered the general Comic Market and fell in love with it so when I finished School, I decided to study painting at Lima's School of Fine Arts. I learned a lot about anatomical drawing, oil painting and other concepts that have led me to have a steady job. Also, I was surrounded by very good artists so I tried to learn everything I could from them and make a good use of my time there.





Where do you get inspiration from?


A difficult question. I think that inspiration comes from anything and everything. Not just from things related to what we do, but from everything that surrounds us. For example movies, music. See I'm also a musician so I relate the music nuances and song equalizations with what I can apply to my drawings or comics. The rhythm, the narrative. It sounds like a crazy association but it works well for me. My head keeps everything together and in order.





What is your hardware configuration?


I have a Cintiq Companion 2 as the base of everything. It's my computer and I also use it as a screen. When I want to rest from my desk, I can take it to the couch or my bed and continue working. To it I connect my wonderful Cintiq 27 QHD which almost feels like working on a sheet of paper with ink and brushes. I love her!


About the software, I always use Clip Studio Paint. I think it has reached a spectacular level.





What do you like best about Clip Studio Paint?


I think it's the best drawing software ever been made. I've known it since the Manga Studio era and I stayed away from it for a bit. But then I came back and noticed that they had improved their platform a lot. Now my drawing strokes had a perfect sensitivity, I could separate my comic bullets into different layers and most importantly, I could color my drawings right there, without having to use an external software. Everything was in one place!! In addition to that, the experience improved even more when I switched to the EX version. Now I can see all my pages on the side monitor and see each project modification in real time.





How long does it take to make a single illustration?


It depends on its complexity. I'm organized and have my own work process, which I never skip: I won't start inking without a very well, thought out sketch and I won't start coloring until I'm more than happy with my inking. But in general terms, I'd say anything between 3 to 6 hours for a single illustration.
If I'm making a comic book, it depends on how many pages it has.
First I make the thumbnails on all pages and then I work each one in detail. The inking process should take a full work day and the coloring another full day. So two days total, at most.





Would you consider Clip Studio Paint an industry tool?


I think it's the best tool right now because it gives us the best that an artist can have by hand. The perspective rulers, the 3D models, the textures, brushes sensibility and the possibility to customize them, adjusting your virtual desktop the way you prefer, uploading to the internet, saving all your work. The best.





Would you like to promote a recent project?


I'm working on two projects for Spain. One is a historical comic about the conquest of the Inca empire called "The conquest of Cajamarca", written by Santi Selvi and the other one is called "Red Snow", written by Javier Marquina. It's an American Western spin-off with monsters and tentacles, Mystery hunters, etc. Pure fun!

For USA, I'm drawing some pages for a w / b anthology called “Speed of light” by Evoluzione Publishing. A very suspenseful and adventurous comic.
I'd also like to mention my original character, the Peruvian superhero “El Guachyman”. I created it back in 2006 and the comic has been published in my country by my publishing label Kchina comics.If you search for it on the internet, I hope you enjoy it.





Where can we continue your work?


I'm very active on social networks, speciallyInstagram. You can find me at:



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