CSP Featured Artist: Karla Ortega aka Kalisami

CSP Featured Artist: Karla Ortega aka Kalisami

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How did you become an artist? 

I think everything started when my mom used to draw me princesses on napkins. It really amused me how she made them so beautiful and elegant, it seemed something magical coming out of nowhere, or from that pencil. Then I started trying as well even at an early age. When I finished drawing, my family admired my work. Of course they were pretty ugly, but even though, they encouraged me as an artist, that my beautiful creations will go far. So, I got enough motivation since then to get better and better so I could impress them. Until a point I started creating my own stories, portraits, etc. I ended up creating a Deviant account and I met this digital art world. With time, I became popular as Kalisami. At the end, I think I became an artist since my first draw and I felt proud of it.


Where do you get inspiration? 

I like to inspire in nature, just like beauty in paintings or sculptures from the renaissance era. I also inspire myself a lot in fantasy and mysticism, just like what you would find in a medieval or nordic tale.


What’s your hardware setup? 

I use a HUION Canvas 16. A Tourbox to handle shortcuts, a mouse, a Desktop computer and a monitor.


What do you like best about Clip Studio Paint? 

I like that it has a library to find interesting stuff, that allows me to experiment with new brushes and effects. Besides, it makes my life easier, by having everything I need to create a Webcomic, but also with my illustrations. I like that Clip Studio Paint has a customizable interface and easy to understand.



How long does it take you to make a single illustration? 

It depends on the complexity and its characters, but it usually takes me like 6 to 8 hours.

How has Clip Studio Paint improved your workflow? 

Mostly, how you can organize everything and having several tools for Webcomic creation. I like that all is in a single place: I can add balloons and text, action lines, select, edit, etc. It’s planned to create comics and also helps me to create the cuts for the strips. Also I can export in the format I need, or work with the comic strips in the same chapter, all at the same time. The software is light and my computer doesn’t crash or gets slower. That’s really important because if it crashes, Clip Studio Paint saves the drawing and it doesn’t disappear or the file doesn’t get corrupted, which is a relief.
It has the tools that I used to look for in other programs, and by having them all here, saves me time and I have all I need in one place.

Where can we follow your work?

Instagram: @kalisamiii
Twitter: @Kalisami1
Patreon: Kalisami
Artstation: kalisami