CSP Featured Artist: Jaki

CSP Featured Artist: Jaki

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How did you become an artist?


Art and illustration have been my lifelong passion–I’ve always loved drawing in one way or another, and sharing my work online has helped me connect with so many new friends and expand my professional network!





Where do you get inspiration?


I draw a lot of inspiration from the design elements from art nouveau, art deco, and film noir!





What’s your hardware setup?


I use a 12.9” iPad Pro and apple pencil for all my illustration work!



What do you like best about Clip Studio Paint?


I love that Clip Studio Paint has such a robust brush editor, and that it has built-in paneling tools that really help with streamlining the process of illustrating comic pages!





How long does it take you to make a single illustration?


It’s hard to generalize this number, since the time it takes me to finish something depends on the complexity of the illustration! Something simple might take 3 hours, whereas a full comic page will take up to 20 hours to finish!





Would you consider Clip Studio Paint an industry tool?


Absolutely! I’ve tried using other programs to make comic pages, and they just don’t fit as well with my workflow.





Would you like to promote some recent project?


My webcomic, KISMET! I’d recommend it if you like sci-fi adventure/drama with a bit of romance. Watch it HERE.





Where can we follow your work?


You can find me on Instagram and Twitter at @heyitsjaki, or on TikTok at @jakidraws



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Wonderful talent.

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