CSP Featured Artist: Francesca Fedele aka @peacchip

CSP Featured Artist: Francesca Fedele aka @peacchip

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How did you become an artist?


I don't even remember when I first started: before I knew it, I was holding a pencil and drawing on my room's walls at the age of two. I was just so fascinated by my favorite cartoons and Disney movies at that time and all I could draw was adorables puppies and puppies. I've been on an on-and-off relationship with the web, creating art accounts on different websites and never updating them out of shyness; but in 2018 my boyfriend encouraged me and I opened my current Instagram profile. Before that, I didn't show my drawings even to my own parents, just think of sharing it to the whole world with my name in capital letters!

I started getting serious about starting an art career during my last year of high school, after some important gigs for both Netflix and Dreamworks (at that time I was actually thinking of getting into Med school!).





Where do you get inspiration?


I love animation, I just cannot think of my art just as a sterile, motionless picture; as a middle schooler I started obsessing over Glen Keane's works, but also James Baxter, Milth Kahl, Minkyu Lee, Shiyoon Kim (and many more God-sended-animators!). Recently I'm loving more and more French comics and their authors (Jordi LaFebre, Antoine Carrion, Bertrand Gatignol, Clément Lafevre), but my Italian coworkers are rocking the scene too (Carlotta DiCataldo, Ilaria Catalani, Federico Bertolucci, Nicola Sammarco...)!






What’s your hardware setup?


Wacom Medium One! It's been the same old tablet since years.





How long does it take you to make a single illustration?


It depends, I'm very chaotic when it comes to my process.
Polished final illustrations take usually more than 7-8 hours, even more if there are highly detailed characters or backgrounds. But the more I draw, the more I appreciate simple and sketchy lines, I think that they give a more organic look to my works; I prefer maintaing my initial sketch rather than redoing some sort of lineart, less it's better.





Would you consider Clip Studio Paint an industry tool?


Absolutely, it is the perfect mix between intuitiveness and professionalism! There are so many functions that I hold dear (perspective lines, the lasso tool across the multiply layers and more) but the think I love the most is the way you can personalize your brushes in so many ways; I always check for new ones every time I open the main page and the fact you can download even PS's sets is life saving.

I've been using CSP Ex for almost 4 years and I'm never coming back!





Where can we follow your work?


You can follow me as @peacchip on Instagram, Twitter, Youtube and Deviantart!



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