CSP Featured Artist: D'astria Lune

CSP Featured Artist: D'astria Lune

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How did you become an artist? 

Well it’s an ordinary story for many of us I guess. One day you are just caught upgrading tasteless wallpapers in mommy’s room and that’s how you usually become a well-known art criminal. An Artist in other words.
Thankfully, back then I succeeded in making everyone believe it was my brother’s doing, pretended I was going to choose a serious career when I was at school and made an elegant classic plot twist after graduation. As it often happens with artists, for my family art was never an option but passion for stories, characters and art kept awakening joy in me. In some way it simply became natural to react to everything via arts and after school I made a decision to stick to the field I enjoy most of all. Minds of creatives contain too much chaos to keep it inside.


Where do you get inspiration?

My inspiration mostly comes from events, which were able to affect me emotionally in any way. Celebrations, reunions and departures, social problems, games and films stories, my therapy process, even daily boredom from absence of events – everything starts my reflecting process and I search for the way to share feelings with people around. Pinterest is another helping tool here, though you have to be able to escape endless scrolling before you realize 12 years in Azkaban have passed.

What’s your hardware setup?

Currently my favorite option is IPad Pro 12.9. I can draw somewhere outside of my room corner, which is literally a fresh breeze in my life experience. Moreover now I can sketch sudden ideas right here right now – life savior as I have too much on my mind during the day and can easily miss something with a good sparkle. It’s quite difficult to persuade me to sit in front of a PC nowadays. So IPad extends the definition of freedom for me.



What do you like best about Clip Studio Paint?

I would call Clip Studio Paint a truly artists oriented program and that’s one of the main and strongest point that leads to all other advantages. Everything here is settled up in a way how artists regularly need it, would possibly use it and how it could be improved with the help of technologies. Honestly, I’ve never seen such a careful and devoted environment from any other programs. Traditional media imitation, 3D tools for anatomy and light guidance, full studio for Webtoons creation. And if I ever want to experiment with new tools, there is a whole community platform where people share their brushes, models and textures. Dare to think all of these features raised my level of satisfaction close enough to the one that my cat has about his life.



How long does it take you to make a single illustration?

For me catching the feelings of an idea and finding the most suitable style for it is the most important aspect of art. That’s why time can vary a lot. If I see that illustration can reveal its full potential with messy and spontaneous strokes, I can spend day-two for it and peacefully let it be. Artworks with calm and complicated emotional storytelling shine better with details that expand the story. Therefore, here I can dive into the process for the whole 2-3 weeks, exploring all history elements, symbolic opportunities and characters’ background.


How has Clip Studio Paint improved your workflow?

My favorite would be these three things: saving my time, protecting me from possible issues beforehand, giving me updates I didn’t know I needed so desperately. CSP helped me to start digital journey to begin with. My transition from traditional to digital art was hard enough and among all programs only Clip Studio Paint made this adaptation easier. I also got rid of the necessity to search for sites with 3D heads and poses as I lost them every time anyway. Searching for brushes stopped being a nightmare too thanks to good organization in the interface and assets gallery. As an IPad user I’m happy I’m not bothered with files conversion and any sort of restrictions. Working on big projects like Vtubers’ models from everywhere and not counting layers in cold sweat is my secret pleasure.



Where can we follow your work?

Instagram  https://www.instagram.com/dastrialune

Twitter  https://twitter.com/dastrialune

Twitch  https://www.twitch.tv/dastrialune