CSP Featured Artist: Asia Ladowska

CSP Featured Artist: Asia Ladowska

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How did you become an artist?



I always liked drawing and I did it every spare moment I can remember. But, as probably many can relate, on my journey through life I was told by a lot of people that being an artist isn’t the best paid career and that I have to consider a different profession. And sadly, I did. I studied Graphic Design at the university and ended up getting a job as a Graphic Designer. I loved the job at first and learned a lot about design and marketing when working, but I missed drawing very much. To fill in the hole in my heart, I was drawing more and more - before work, on my lunch breaks, after work, all nights long, on the train to work - every spare moment you can imagine! Drawing was only my hobby, posting online almost every day and doing commissions after work for a few years - until I couldn’t do two full time jobs any longer, I wasn’t getting any sleep! That’s when I quit my day job to become a freelance artist.





Where do you get inspiration?


Inspiration is everywhere! I very often come up with a pose for my character in my head and then try to pose myself in the mirror. For clothes and hair designs I am always on a lookout, whether it’s observing people passing me by on the street, in the internet or in fashion magazines :)





What’s your hardware setup?


Since I travel a lot (or at least I used to and now I’m just stuck abroad!) I only have an iPad Pro 12.9” and a laptop with me.





What do you like best about Clip Studio Paint?


My absolute favorite is the bucket tool that is layer sensitive and works even if the line isn’t perfectly closed! Also, love the watercolor brush functions that are like a fusion of a brush and smudge tool.





How long does it take you to make a single illustration?


Depending on the amount of details in the illustration, it can take from around 4-40 hours :) Sometimes for personal artworks it takes weeks to finish if I am not sure where the artwork is going, as half of the time I just stare at it and think what to do! Deadlines and briefs from clients come in very handy and shorten this process.



Would you consider Clip Studio Paint an industry tool?







Would you like to promote some recent project? 


Please check my book that I published last year, it’s called “Sketch with Asia. Manga inspired art and tutorials by Asia Ladowska” and it’s about exactly what the title says! It tells my journey from how I started to where I am now, has a lot of tips and advice for budding artists as well as tutorials and beautiful illustrations to enjoy :)





Where can we follow your work?



Follow me on social media:




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