CSP Featured Artist: Bloo aka @bluebescuits

CSP Featured Artist: Bloo aka @bluebescuits

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How did you become an artist?


I've been drawing since I could remember, but I never really took it seriously. I drew just to pass the time. I always loved reading webtoons and comics. And then one day I decided I really wanted to make one of my own but for that I'd need to learn to draw. So I got myself a tiny little drawing tablet and that's kind of how I started. I'm not at the point I wanted to be yet for a webcomic but i'll get there someday :’D





Where do you get inspiration?


Most of my inspiration are from different artists I find online! But genuinely any piece of artistic media inspires me a lot, movies, shows or anything like that. If it has pretty colors I'm probably going to want to draw some aspects from it. You know that feeling of “Wow, I really want to draw now.”





What’s your hardware setup?


I have a Huion Kamvas 13 cintiq that I got almost 6 months ago. It's my first screen tablet and I love it!!





What do you like best about Clip Studio Paint?


Is everything an answer I can give haha. But my favorite thing is that you can easily find tools for any art style you have. I've used a lot of other art programs that are very limited to a couple of art styles but in Clip Studio Paint I can easily find like Watercolor brushes if that's something I wanted to try out or oil painting or even cell shading.

Also the once of payment is really nice, especially for all the features!





How long does it take you to make a single illustration?


My art style is very simple and kind of messy so about an hour to 2 hours a piece ! also im kinda lazy so i simplify as much as I can haha.





Would you consider Clip Studio Paint an industry tool?


100% !!





Would you like to promote some recent project?


(I'm not working on anything at the moment, just kind of vibing with art )





Where can we follow your work?


All my social medias are linked over here along with my commissions <3



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