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Clip Studio Paint Comic Artist Dylan Teague

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Dylan Teague is a professional illustrator for almost 25 years now. He's spend most of his time drawing comics, either all by him or colouring other artists. Dylan has worked for 2000ad, Marvel, DC, Delcourt, Kennes and he is currently working on The Metabarons for Humanoids. Dylan has also worked for tv companies including BBC and Sky.



"For all of this I use Clip Studio EX. I’ve been using clip since the Manga Studio 4 version. What initially got me into it were the perspective rulers. I’ve always used perspective a lot in my work. It was always a pain having to set up vanishing points on a drawing board and then opportunity Clip offered to set up vanishing points and get your drawing tools to snap to them was invaluable. I gradually started using Clip more and more until I was doing both pencils and inks digitally. The next big jump was Manga Studio 5, the improvements in the way it could handle colour enabled me to ditch photoshop and use Clip for everything.



Since then Clip has kept improving with each update, there are just so many things that I find helpful for illustration and comics work it would be impossible to list them all. The latest iPad edition is brilliant too, making it possible to produce professional level work anywhere!"



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Here are some samples of Dylan's work created in Clip Studio Paint.