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Anime Fest / New York Comic Con Panel Schedule

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Anime Fest Panel Schedule


Panel 1


Title:  Drawing Manga and Anime characters with LucidSky with Wacom & Celsys’ Clip Studio Paint


Description: LucidSky is known for drawing breathtaking Anime and Manga Character illustrations, widely followed on Social Media, as well as having one of the most popular booths in Artist Alley.  She will share insights into how to bring your Manga and Anime characters to life on a Wacom Pen Display with techniques using CLIP STUDIO PAINT software.

Date: 10/5/2018

Time: 4:00 PM - 5:00 PM

Location:  Anime Fest - The Academy Stage


LucidSky (Meng Wang) Bio:

I am a digital freelance illustrator and work primarily with promotional anime styled artwork. I’ve been using digital media since I was young and am mostly self taught (by the internet haha). I’ve done a few projects in the past with my most recent ones including SPJA for Anime Expo, Loot Crate, UltraPRO, and Riot Games. Computers, Gaming and art, although very closely tied to my work, are also big hobbies of mine.



Panel 2


Title:  How to Draw your own Manga with techniques by Tokyo Pop artist Dan Conner, Wacom & Celsys’ Clip Studio Paint


Description: Bring your Manga and Anime characters to life!  Tokyo Pop Artist Dan Conner will share his tips and tricks on creating your own digital characters using Celsys’ CLIP STUDIO PAINT and Wacom Pen Displays and Tablets.

Date: 10/6/2018

Time: 2:45 PM - 3:45 PM

Location:  Anime Fest - The Academy Stage


Dan Conner Bio:

Dan Conner is a cartoonist who lives in Denver, CO. He is the color artist for Disney Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas: Zero's Journey, published by TokyoPop. He is also the creator of My Gal, the Zombie, a comic series whose television adaptation has aired throughout the United States. Other comics on which he has worked include Graphic Chillers: Dracula for Hachette Books, Cleopatra in Space for Scholastic/Graphix, Pink Panther, Underdog, The Three Stooges, and Halloween Man. He has also colored covers for Casper's Ghostland and Archie Meets Ramones. The Misfits, furthermore, are among the many musicians for whom he has provided artwork.